Message from Chairman, Dr Su Guaning

I am honoured to be asked to guide this exciting venture to establish the new School of Science and Technology (SST).

The SST will be an exciting and important new addition to the education landscape. Whether it is leading edge scientific research or the high growth sectors of our globalised economy, there is a critical need for talents able to apply state of the art knowledge to solve real-world problems in a creative manner, for instance, in the application of cutting-edge technologies to maximise scarce water resources, or developing "killer applications" in electronics and digital media. The SST will be an attractive option for bright students who enjoy learning through experimentation and problem-solving in disciplines such as biotechnology, computing, design, media, and engineering. We intend to build the SST programme to prepare the students for top universities and brilliant and creative careers.

NTU will lend its full support to the SST in enhancing learning opportunities for the students in research, in design and development and enrichment programmes in the engineering sciences. Together with our partners Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we shall also help the SST maintain close links with high technology industries through dedicated partners.

I look forward to this exciting journey with the outstanding team being put together by the Ministry of Education. We look forward to educating students to be leaders of industry in the high technology economy being built in Singapore.

Message from Principal, Mr Chua Chor Huat

At SST, your children are our priority as we nurture them to become thinkers who are entrepreneurial and innovative. Through our exciting curriculum that focuses on applied learning, we hope to build a strong foundation and cultivate essential skills that would help your children to excel not only in their studies but also in life.

Our class size is made small so that our teachers, who are specially selected, can give your children more personal attention and support. And to engage your children and keep our programmes relevant, information communication technology will be harnessed to promote learning anywhere, anytime.

We believe SST can add value to your children's overall development beyond just the 'O' levels results, as they go to the university either through the JC or Polytechnic route.